Final Sale Bow

Final Sale Bow

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Alligator Clip
Fine Hair Clip
Nylon Headband
Pet Collar Attachment


This is a final sale item

Finish is the old style metal alligator clip.

Bow is approximately 4 inches at it's widest point.

Bows are handmade and may vary slightly on pattern placement from the image.






Legal Notice:

Bows should not be worn without parental supervision.  Alligator clips are secured with strong adhesive but risk for clip failure may result in a choking hazard for unsupervised children.  Headbands should never be worn without adult supervision due to risk for strangulation.  Never place your child in a car seat, crib, bassinet, or other location while sleeping with a headband or bow.

Never leave child alone with packaging from bow shipment.  Plastic bags may pose a suffocation risk.

Bowed Bison Boutique and it's owners do not assume any responsibility for injuries that may occur with our products.  Please contact us if you have any concerns.