Fire Hydrant Toddler Facemask
Fire Hydrant Toddler Facemask

Fire Hydrant Toddler Facemask

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Please note that at this time facemasks are not recommended for children under 2 years of age due to risk for strangulation and the reduction in airflow.  Masks also increase face touching in the young which increases the risk for infection.

Please evaluate based on your own knowledge of your children if the benefit is greater than the risk.

NEVER leave a child unattended with a mask on!!  Danger for suffocation and strangulation is present.


All Masks are made according to CDC guidelines with 2 layers of quilting grade cotton.  Straps are made with a soft and very stretchy nylon to make the most comfortable ear straps possible.

Children's mask is approx 4.5 inches from nose to chin and 6.5 inches cheek to cheek.

Prints are constantly changing as more masks are made.  Check back often.

To clean your mask please launder in your washing machine after each use.  NEVER microwave your mask as it may cause a fire.