Pregnancy & Infant Loss Collection: 3 Inch Alligator Clips

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Collection: 3 Inch Alligator Clips

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3 Inch Alligator Clips are lined with faux leather, soft pvc, or canvas glitter fabric.

While I am sad there is a reason this ribbon has to exist at all, I am grateful that it does exist and represents a community of families that are able to find support, understanding, comfort, acknowledgement and advocacy for the children they miss every day. 

All proceeds from sales of items from this collection will be donated to March for Babies (March of Dimes).




Legal Notice:

Bows/clips/earrings/purses should not be worn without parental supervision.  Alligator clips are secured with strong adhesive but risk for clip failure may result in a choking hazard for unsupervised children.  Headbands/bows/clips/earrings/purses should never be worn without adult supervision due to risk for strangulation.  Never place your child in a car seat, crib, bassinet, or other location while sleeping with a headband or bow or any other Bowed Bison Boutique Product.

Never leave child alone with packaging from shipment.  Plastic bags may pose a suffocation risk.

Bowed Bison Boutique and it's owners do not assume any responsibility for injuries that may occur with our products.  Please contact us if you have any concerns.